I am based in Charleston, SC but LOVE to travel!

Since completing a professional photography program through Boston University 5 years ago, I have made a living photographing a variety of content ranging from interiors, portraiture, weddings, events, products, food, travel…you name it. I specialize in capturing light in all it's fleeting forms. Working in a variety of realms is what keeps me inspired.

Whether you're looking to grow your business' image with stronger photography, document everyday life with your family, are in search of a photographer who will capture the day you marry your love with a documentary style approach or have other photography needs I would love to hear from you and bring your vision to life.

Please contact me by email bette.walker@gmail.com or by phone (803) 730-1088. 

If you'd like to see my most current work please visit my Facebook page at www.facebook.com/bettewalkerphotography